To make your email marketing process work effectively to attain your target, you need to know about email marketing best practices.

These are the most used practices which have mostly hit the bull’s eye in maximum cases and are therefore termed the ‘best’ as far as email marketing is concerned.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of online marketing. Hence you should make sure that you get optimum results out of your emails, be it building up relationships with your customers or be it keeping a follow up included in the post-purchase marketing process of your service or product.

Email marketing best practices – know more

The first practice should be to create an email subject which will compulsorily attract the attention of the customer.

You need to keep in mind that you are not the only marketer using emails to gain the lead. Therefore most of the time there are high chances that your emails will not even be read and directly deleted.

So before catching upon the attention span of the one customer, the most important thing is to do something which will catch his eye in the email and make him open it, instead of clicking the delete button.

Research shows that most people consider such emails as junk mails. Therefore if you want your customer to ‘see’ your mail, you have to attract his eyes towards your email ‘subject’ line first.

One will relate to a subject line, only if he finds a relativity quotient to it. This means that a subject line will adhere to a customer’s perspective only if he ‘knows’ or has ‘heard’ about your company.

If not then you need to use a known personality whose name you can use as a brand for your company, using the same name in the subject of your email.

Next is to decide the ‘content’ of your mail. Whether you want to use just words for your mail, or use hyperlinks which will directly help the customer to open your site and the directly check the specific product which caught his eye in the email thumbnail.

You can also use both to make your email content more useful. This is the most practiced way because the email settings of the customer might be ‘don’t display images’ for his convenience. Therefore your image might not be displayed in his mail, and hence his attention might not get caught.

Here words help because if the customer is still interested, he will like to read about what the product is all about in shortly before he clicks the link.

Next is to know the correct ‘time’ to send your emails. Just like you, your customers are busy too. Therefore you have to analyze with detailed study when exactly customers have their leisure time. This also depends on your type of product and service.

Email marketing best practices – old wine in a new bottle

While every method is practiced every day, your aim is to stay unique and keep modifying to continue being unique while using the email marketing best practices.